5 Things to Know Before Moving to Parksville

August 31, 2022 Community

If you’re looking at our beautiful real estate listings, you’re likely considering some options in Parksville, BC, a beautiful small town on the East Coast of Vancouver Island. If you’re thinking about moving to Parksville, there are many factors to consider. Small town living in might be a huge change from what you’re used to if you come from a city like Vancouver or Victoria. 

Here are some things to consider before you make the move that you might not have thought about:

There’s lots of summer fun

Something you might not know about Parksville is that the annual Beachfest Sand Sculpting Competition is held in July and August, with breathtaking sandcastles remaining on display until August. This sculpting competition brings in thousands of visitors annually. There’s also the Mid Island Co-op Rock the Park Music Festival and lots of other fun outdoor activities throughout July and August. Even though Parksville is a small town, you’re sure to find lots to do in the summer. 

It’s great for birdwatching

The Parksville area is well known for being a great hub for nature-lovers, with a variety of wildlife, especially birds. This is definitely a factor to consider when moving here, as it could be the perfect match if you’re a bird watcher. Every April, the Brant Wildlife Festival celebrates thousands of birds migrating back north for the spring. However, like the sand sculpting competition, this also attracts many tourists to the area. 

And if you’re an aspiring bird watcher, Pacific Rainforest Adventure Tours offers great bird tours near Parksville for those less experienced.

You can escape the hustle and bustle by moving to Parksville

One reason many people move to a small town is to escape the hustle and bustle of the big city. If you enjoy peace and quiet, you’ll fit right in here. You’ll love that there are no major event venues and that even during tourist season, it remains calm compared to big cities. And you’ll find there’s still a lot to do in Parksville, especially in the summer, with smaller arts and cultural events such as outdoor concerts. 

Parksville has a lower cost of living

Like many people started doing during the COVID-19 pandemic, you’re likely working from home. Why not take advantage of that flexibility and move somewhere beautiful? The great thing about working from home is you can live almost anywhere you want. In Parksville, you’ll save on costs such as insurance, property tax, and gas, which are notoriously cheaper in small towns. 

Local restaurants and breweries to explore and enjoy

One of the unique things about small towns is the delicious local restaurants, and Parksville is no exception. With delicious wineries, breweries, and restaurants, you’ll find lots of tasty treats in the area. The Mount Arrowsmith Brewing Company is a cozy local brewery and the perfect place to grab a pizza and a beer, and that’s just one of many. 

Overall, there are many wonderful things about Parksville, BC. Let’s not forget the spectacular ocean views, ample options for hiking and camping, and cozy, small town atmosphere. 

If you think you’re ready to make the move to Parksville, contact us today and let us help you find your Parksville home today.