New National Housing Strategy Released by Canadian Government

December 16, 2016 Market Conditions

From coast-to-coast, real estate continues to be one of the most talked about topics in Canada today. Red hot real estate markets, foreign buyers, consumer debt, and affordable housing are all topics at the forefront of this issue, creating mass concern and impacting the lives of everyday Canadians.

In November, the Government of Canada made the first step in responding to these concerns by unveiling a new National Housing Strategy. The main objective of the strategy is to provide affordable housing for all Canadians, by identifying the issues and also outlining recommendations to overcome these issues through innovative ideas. Prepared by the Conference Board of Canada, nationwide consultation involving input from over 7,000 Canadians was used to formulate the plan.

Canadians from far and wide were consulted on what priorities they would like to see from Canada’s housing strategy, ultimately identifying a number of major themes for the plan, including:
● “Helping those in greatest need.”
● “Helping Indigenous peoples achieve better housing outcomes for themselves.”
● “Eliminating homelessness.”
● “Making housing more affordable.”
● “Adopting a housing systems perspective.”
● “Housing policies and programs should centre on people and place.”
● “Setting clear outcomes and targets.”
● “Delivering long-term and predictable funding.”
● “Realizing the right to housing.”
● “Improving data collection, analysis and research.”
● “Taking a collaborative approach to housing.”

At this stage however, the plan is just that – a plan. It merely sets the framework for policy makers to consider when making decisions that are related to housing. While there is no timeline for these changes, in preparing the National Housing Strategy, Canada is one step closer towards the ultimate vision that “all Canadians have access to housing that meets their needs and they can afford.”

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