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Discover the gems along the east coast of Vancouver Island. If you have been thinking about relocating, taking a vacation or going on an adventure holiday, there are many lodging options available. The temperate climate of this region is ideal for many outdoor activities that residents and visitors can enjoy all year round. The many areas each have a unique and distinct character, each offering its own little treasures to residents and visitors alike.


With the cost of living in urban areas ever increasing, Oceanside is no longer just a retirement destination and seems a…

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Qualicum Beach

Well known for its long sandy white beaches and beautiful natural environment, Qualicum Beach is among the most beautiful …

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Parksville is one of the fastest growing areas on Vancouver Island with a population of 12,000. It has become home to youn…

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Nanoose Bay

The placid atmosphere of Nanoose allows its residents and visitors to enjoy a country lifestyle with easy access to the ci…

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The city of Nanaimo is an ever-evolving hub that services both the commercial and recreational needs of business and touri…

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Once known only as part of Nanoose, when coal was originally found here, Lantzville was known as Grant’s Mine. In 1920, an…

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Lighthouse Country

Lighthouse Country incorporates the small communities of Horne Lake, Dashwood, Qualicum Bay, Dunsmuir and is seeped with r…

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Bowser and Deep Bay

Bowser and Deep Bay have a welcoming, rural vibe with its main attractions being fishing, clam and shellfish digging. The …

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Coombs and Errington

The agricultural region of Vancouver Island is known as Arrowsmith Coombs Country and is also home to the region’s two wat…

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Trustworthiness is Comforting

As far as the “positive reinforcement” goes, we love your mom both personally and professionally. We had had extensive experience with REALTORS before we met her, and it was quickly apparent that she was a cut or two above the “norm”. Of course, it is no surprise that you follow in those footsteps, having benefited by both her upbringing and professional mentoring. I am thankful on a personal level that we have gotten to know you both; we left many friends behind in Alberta, and thus it is nice to establish new friendships here. Buying a home is stressful, as you know, so it is very comforting to me that mom trusts you both implicitly.

Camilla S