Bowser and Deep Bay Real Estate

Bowser and Deep Bay have a welcoming, rural vibe with its main attractions being fishing, clam and shellfish digging. The provincial parks around this area are some of the most beautiful on the island and the opportunity for cave exploration in Hornes Lake offers a unique experience for the adventurous.

Bowser (Population 1600), is a community on the eastern coast of Vancouver Island, located approximately 66 km north of Nanaimo. It is situated in a region which was informally known as Lighthouse Country, which is a stretch of highway that extends from Qualicum Beach in the South to Horne Lake to the west to Fanny Bay in the North and across to Denman and Hornby Islands.

Bowser’s local hotel was famous in the 1930s for a dog trained by his owners to deliver beer bottles to tables, receive the payment, and deliver change. This was cited in, “Ripley’s Believe It Or Not.”

A regular customer of the Bowser Hotel was Jack Holt, a veteran of the Boer War who was Bowser’s postmaster from the period during World War I until the late 1950s.

The community was named after William J. Bowser, Premier of British Columbia from 1915 to 1916.

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